Professionals Supporting Students

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The Professionals Supporting Students is a function of our youth mentoring program where professionals in the community will have the opportunity to connect with high school/college students in our community for the purpose of answering questions they might have about various fields of work. It is a forum for students to gain access to professionals who are currently working in fields that students may be interested in pursuing. Youth can get advice in choosing a school or major. And if they’ve already made a choice about their profession and are interested in volunteering or shadowing, they’ll have access to professionals who can provide those experiences. The goal is to assist our community by making available to students/professionals opportunities that ensure sustainability through education within the Arab community.

This is NOT only for the Fairouzeh community. All are encouraged to participate.

Anyone interested in being added to this list please click  here.


Christine Mouchamel
Profession (Job): Account Executive/ESPN Sales and Marketing
School Attended (most recent): CSUN
Degree (i.e. Bachelor/Masters and Major): BS in Business Admin/Minor in Marketing
Current City of Residence: Redondo Beachcanyon country
Email Address: mouchamel@gmail.com
Phone Number : 310-920-1848
About :
Hi, My parents are both from Syria. Dad is from Farouzeh and mom from HOMs. Would love to help anyway possible to help college students/graduates pursue their goals in any of the following areas: Advertising, ad marketing, ad sales or any other field associated with consumer branding and awareness. Christine.


Julie Grair

Profession (Job): School Counseling

School Attended (most recent): CSU, Northridge

Degree (i.e. Bachelor/Masters and Major): Master of Science in Counseling

Email Address: julie.a.grair@my.csun.edu

Phone Number : (818) 383-2151

About :

I’m willing to help in whatever way possible.  I’m currently finishing my MS in Counseling at California State University, Northridge.  I was employed at John H. Francis Polytechnic High School as a high School Counselor and Testing Coordinator from August 2007 – June 2011.  My experience is with 11th/12th graders in the areas of academic/personal counseling.  In my responsibilities as coordinator I was required to facilitate (through leadership and training) proper administration of CST and CAHSEE testing school-wide, working closely with administrators, as well as overseeing teachers, and school staff.


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