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Creating Meaningful Impact

The Fairouzah American Association (FAA) began as a small group of recent immigrants from a farming village in Syria, with the mission of donating funds and supplies to the less fortunate who remained in their hometown. Since its founding the FAA has accomplished much in pursuit of their mission including building a medical clinic and providing medical procedures to those in financial need, establishing trash pick up services throughout the village, and donating education supplies. Over the years, the mission of the FAA has grown to include providing cultural and educational opportunities to the younger generation here in the United States. This includes an annual scholarship award to six deserving undergraduate and graduate school students from the community each year. These exemplary students have earned excellent grades while thriving in extracurricular activities, work, leadership positions, and volunteering their time to a variety of local charities. Our organization seeks to preserve our culture and our ties to the Syrian-American Community, as well as the growth, development and success of our future generations.

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