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Application is now closed

Individual Award Amount:  To be determined

Eligibility and requirements for Students:

  1. Either YOU, or at least ONE of your parents, or one of your grandfathers, was born in Fairouzah, Syria. The FAA board retains its authority to confirm this information.

  2. You have been accepted to an accredited 4-year undergraduate university, or a graduate program, in the United States of America for the next semester or quarter.

  3. You will be enrolled as a full-time student (or part-time student, if working) in the semester or quarter immediately after the award is granted.  The award will be granted in the Spring of 2023.  In order to receive the scholarship, you MUST be enrolled the VERY next semester or quarter after March 2023.  You cannot skip the first quarter or semester, as that will disqualify you. 

  4. Your high school (or current college) GPA must be at least 3.25.

  5. Should you be awarded a scholarship in 2023, you must commit to the FAA that you will provide at least 10 hours of volunteer services within one year of receipt of scholarship. This requirement can be satisfied by 10 hours of in-person or online tutoring to a student in any grade, in any school subject.  Your commitment is something we will require and will follow up on.  Should there be extenuating circumstances that do not permit you to complete the service hours during the year immediately following award of the scholarship, a reasonable extension of time can be requested to fulfill this requirement.

  6. If there is a party or award ceremony to honor and present the scholarship awards, award recipients are required to attend the ceremony or party to receive the award.

  7. Note for previous winners:  The FAA board has decided that previous scholarship winners ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to reapply. 

  8. Students who are expecting other scholarships that will cover the FULL cost or close to the full cost of their tuition and books for the next semester or quarter, are NOT eligible to apply.  Scholarship funds will be sent directly to the school, to assist in payment for tuition/books.  If your full tuition has already been paid in full, we cannot and will not require the school to save it for future semesters/quarters or to release it to you.  It is your responsibility to provide us with this information before applying or continuing with your application.  

DeadlineAll materials MUST be received by the FAA Scholarship committee by March 1, 2023.  Any physical documents mailed to us, also MUST be received by the application deadline. Absolutely NO exceptions!

Contact Information:  All questions must be submitted to

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