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FAA Food Baskets

Click Here if You Would Like To Donate

By Helping Others, We Help Ourselves

We are working on providing food baskets to families in need for the holiday. The cost of this basket is $25, and it will include essential food items and household supplies.


To purchase any number of baskets, please contact any FAA member listed below. Merry Christmas to all!

If you would like to donate, please contact any of our members or donate online.

John Maida.           (818)516-3896

Nasir Habhab         (909)241-1004

Romeo Askar           (818)458-3866

Elias Mbarkeh        (818)640-7383

Issa Hawara            (818)645-5001

Sarkis Abdulhai      (805)701-9920

George Alhosry     (818)517-3763

Ziad Abdulhai         (805)312-3933

Ziad Ballat              (805)272-5203

Jay Attieya             (626)665-3225

Simon Abdelnour   (951)768-3713

Zaher Hawara        (818)400-8892

Wasim Hamad        (818)209-5116

If you would like to donate using Zelle use this email address.

FAA Zelle :

Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.

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